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Disposable caps - 1500 uds.

Disposable caps - 1500 uds.

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For deliveries outside the peninsula, please consult us

Disposable caps made of non-woven fabric. Presented in a box of 1,500 units. Made in Spain.


At Visor Medical you can buy disposable caps, made of blue non-woven fabric (polypropylene). These caps are specially designed for veterinary environments or laboratories, manufactured in Spain according to RD 1591/2009. Likewise, it can also be used by personnel in the agri-food sector, in kitchens, by cleaning workers or in beauty salons.

Disposable polypropylene caps

Visor Medical's disposable caps, also known as accordion-type disposable caps, are resistant, breathable and adapt perfectly to the head by means of an elastic band. One size.

Storage in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, is recommended. It must be protected from moisture and excessive heat.

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