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Nitrile gloves size L

Nitrile gloves size L

9.00€ Free shipping on orders over 30€.
For deliveries outside the peninsula, please consult us

Nitrile gloves packed in packs of 100 units. Nitrile gloves are recommended for general industrial uses and for sanitary work.

Nitrile gloves size S (Pack 100 uds) 【 9.00€ 】
Nitrile gloves size M (Pack 100 uds) 【 9.00€ 】
Nitrile gloves size L (Pack 100 uds) 【 9.00€ 】
Nitrile gloves size XL (Pack 100 uds) 【 9.00€ 】


Nitrile gloves: from Size S to XL

Buying nitrile gloves is possible in the Visor Medical store.

These disposable gloves are presented in packs of 100 units and sizes S, M, L and XL are available.

The activity zone is micro-roughened and its inner surface is smooth and micro-textured. It offers a high sensitivity to the touch, softness and resistance to breakage.

Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

The nitrile gloves that you can find on visormed.com are blue, powder-free, non-sterile, latex-free disposable gloves.

These disposable gloves can be used for general use in industry and for health work, as they protect the patient and the user from chemical or biological risks, both in examination and in sample extraction.

In addition, they are ambidextrous, they have an anatomical shape, they are adjustable and their cuff is reinforced by a bead.

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