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Surgical masks type IIR Blue - 100 pcs

Surgical masks type IIR Blue - 100 pcs

10.00€ Free shipping on orders over 30€.
For deliveries outside the peninsula, please consult us

Presented in cases of 50 surgical masks, with CE marking. Free of graphene and silver.

100 BLUE surgical masks 【 10.00€ 】
200 BLUE surgical masks 【 19.00€ 】
450 BLUE surgical masks 【 40.50€ 】
900 BLUE surgical masks 【 76.50€ 】
1.800 BLUE surgical masks 【 144.00€ 】


Buying surgical masks type IIR from Visor Medical is the best option. They are manufactured in Spain under the UNE EN 14683:2019 +AC regulation, which establishes the manufacturing and testing processes for this type of product, classified as a class I medical device.

Buy 3-layer surgical masks

The intended purpose of these masks is respiratory protection against solid and liquid particles, as well as blood and saliva splashes, so they are specially designed for use in medical environments. However, it can also be used by the general population or in agri-food industries or laboratories. They protect and prevent against bacterial infections.

The testing of Visor Medical II R surgical masks in the AITEX laboratories shows a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) greater than 99%, a Breathability (Differential Pressure) less than 60 Pa/cm2, a Pressure resistance to splashes greater than or equal to 16 kPa, and a microbial cleanliness less than or equal to 30 cfu/g.

Visor Medical masks measure 9.5 x 17.5 cm and are made with three layers of blue polypropylene. The mask adjusts to different facial sizes, and its fastening is carried out by rubber bands and a metal clip to adjust to the nasal septum.

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