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Quality assurance

In Visor Medical we manufacture our products in compliance with a strict quality protocol, guided by different European regulations. With this we aim to manufacture quality medical textile products that prevent the transmission of infectious agents in healthcare environments or in other scenarios.

Manufacturing process

Reception and registration of raw materials in the Visor Medical facilities.

Manufacture of Visor Medical products in compliance with the strictest quality controls.

Packaging of the products.

Shipment to the customer within 24 working hours.

Proceso de Fabricacion Mascarillas Quirurgicas


All the products manufactured by Visor Medical are produced under a strict protocol of traceability and control of the raw materials used, as well as the articles once finished.

Once the raw materials are received at the Visor facilities, they are registered with a code to which the name of the supplier, the date of reception of the material and the quantity in kilograms are added.

The finished products are identified by the Visor personnel through a sticker which indicates the date of manufacture together with a numerical code which is in turn connected to five other codes representing the different intermediate products.

Once the manufacture of the Visor products has been completed, the destination of each of the finished articles is recorded, specifying the customer to whom the goods are to be sent, the date and the address to which the goods are to be sent. In this way, the traceability of the product is recorded throughout its life cycle.

Certificates and approvals